Liability and using the website and offered products
Radan Chlapek – Behind the Stars (hereinafter referred to as “We“) is not liable for errors originating due to interference of third persons with the website or due to its use contrary to its purpose. While using the website you cannot use any processes which could have a negative impact on its operation, i.e. mainly interfere with the function of the system or unreasonably burden the system.

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All our products, especially the Magic Stones (hereinafter referred to as the “healing stones and crystals “) ought to be utilized with the understanding that their impacts depend on your own particular energy to change your life. However, there are lawful considerations for you.

We are not Medical Doctors and the information provided on this website is intended for general purposes only. While the use of healing stones and crystals for most purposes is safe, the authors, publishers and compilers of this information do not claim to diagnose, cure, prevent, mitigate, prescribe, recommend or assume that they can prescribe a treatment. In no way should our products, especially the healing stones and crystals, be considered a substitute for professional healthcare advice from your own physician, therapist or any professionally qualified practitioner.

If you experience specific symptoms or health issues, please seek advice from your primary personal physician. In the event that you use the information without seeking independent professional advice/approval you are prescribing for yourself. When you purchase the healing stones and/or crystals from this site, you agree to do so at your own risk. Be aware that some minerals can be toxic. Do not ingest minerals or elixirs produced using them without counseling an authorized doctor first.

Our items depend on the client to be successful. The responsibility for empowering the energy enhancing capability of the healing stones and crystals offered on this website is solely with the user. In this way we don’t constitute a guarantee, warranty, certification or forecast in regards to the result of an individual utilizing a particular item. While all our products are sold and advertised in good faith, results do fluctuate and cannot be guaranteed. We accept no responsibility or liability for the effectiveness of the products sold herein.

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