Custom package – EP Returned Heart + encaustic painting


Custom package – EP Returned Heart + encaustic painting


2 in 1
EP Returned Heart + HQ printed encaustic painting in a white, black or blue frame by your choice.
Please your soul by getting one of these packs, and it’ll thank you a thousand times. 🙂

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The EP Returned heart resulted from our deep passion for writing and composing music, as well as for a need for self-expression and a better understanding of mysterious ways of love and life. It consists of 5 inspiring songs which provide about 23 minutes of the Behind the Stars energy. 🎶


also known as hot wax painting, is a painting technique coming from Antiquity. It uses hot beeswax mixed with colored pigments and other additives such as dammar gum or flaxseed oil.

This liquid paste is then applied to the surface – usually treated wood, possibly cloth, polished paper, or other frequently used materials.

For encaustic painting is nowadays used a specially made small iron. Wax is applied on its surface and then painted on the prepared material.

The Encaustic was used, for example, in funerary portraits in Egypt around 100-300 after Christ, when painting the icon of Blachernitissa and others.

Blachernitissa - encaustic icon

Blachernitissa icon (source:

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